Lifetime Achievement Recipients

Division 4
“Lifetime Achievement Award”
The purpose of this award is to recognize a lifetime of achievements to AFSA and more
specifically to Division 4, the South Central Division. This award is for an AFSA or Family
Member who has dedicated themselves to further the aims and objectives or our organization
over the course of a lifetime. This noteworthy achievement is not just a few years but multiple
years of devoted and exemplary service to the enlisted men, women, and families of AFSA!

Year Recipients
2012 Frank and Carol Ruhol
2012 Stanley Staples
2013 Bill Fain
2013 Paul Hulgan
2014 Wenzel and Debby Oesterreich
2014 Don Beasley
2015 Ken Bowman
2015 Jeff Ledoux
2016 John and Lisa Byrd
2016 Steven Halloway
2017 Stanley Meyer
2017 Harold and Libby Swanson
2018 Dr. Jim and Sharon Crissinger