Four Pillars of AFSA



Legislation is AFSA’s vector! Our team of professionals works 24/7 to protect the pay, benefits, and quality of life of all enlisted Airmen and their families ‐ not just our AFSA members. We reach out to all members of Congress and share the Airmen’s story. AFSA has proven to be a “go to” organization for Congress when key testimony is needed. We stand tall and proud for you!


Membership is AFSA’s thrust! We pride ourselves as acting as “The Voice of the Enlisted.” AFSA’s voice comes from our members who show their support in AFSA through their initial and continued membership. The larger our membership—the greater our voice on Capitol Hill. We are your servant leaders! Our power comes from you! Walk with us—and we will walk with you!


Communications is the glue that holds AFSA together. AFSA uses a combination of newsletters, alerts, web site updates, Facebook, Twitter, and more to keep our members up to date on key legislative developments. Chapter meetings, conventions, and more increase the positive flow of communications as well—and also provide opportunities for the development of oral communications, mentor-ship and leadership among our enlisted Airmen.


Camaraderie represents the shared values that create the bond for our members. We pride ourselves on supporting—and living—the values of our beloved Air Force. We strive on integrity, service before self, and excellence in all we do! AFSA is a family of wonderful professionals! We have each other’s “six”—we fight, win, and experience joy as a team! I’m good—you’re good—but together‐‐we are better!